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[FIX] Armageddon in Firefox: Most add-ons disabled!

Update: It appears Firefox 66.0.4 has resolved the issue. Chances are you have never experienced this problem.

On 4 May 2019, one of the Mozilla digital certificates used to sign Firefox add-ons expired. With this certificate no longer able to verify the authenticity of the add-ons, user across the faced the loss of access to their Firefox add-ons.

If you are blind and can't see this image, don't worry; you are not missing much.
All (or most) of your add-ons have ceased to function. Notice the new “Unsupported” tab.

This post teaches you how to recover from this failure in about 15 minutes and resume your daily routine work as if this has never happened.

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OneNote 2013 jumplist missing

OneNote 2013 should have a jumplist/task list like this when you right-click on its pinned icon in Windows 7 or later:

OneNote 2013 jumplist

OneNote 2013 jumplist

If it did not appear, make sure you have the correct (official) OneNote icon pinned. After that, open Run… dialog box (press Windows + R key combination), type the following and press Enter key:

onenote /initjumplist

It works in Command Prompt too, only you have to prefix “start ” (without quotation marks and with the trailing space character) to it.

The case of me not being able to post here!

I promised you another episode of Windows 8.1 series but I could not fulfill my promise due to not being able to post. Every time I tried to open my blog, I encountered a name resolution error.

Comodo Dragon v28.0.4.0 failed to open  showing Err_Name_Resolution_Failed

Comodo Dragon v28.0.4.0 failed to open, showing Err_Name_Resolution_Failed

Unfortunately, sometimes, spotting the cause of the simplest of problems is unbelievably difficult.
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