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Copying NTFS permissions between folders

Update (November 2017): It has come my attention that this blog post has become the #1 search result for this topic. Therefore, I believe an update, even a minor one, is due.

Let’s assume you have created a folder called “Programs” in your D: volume and now you want its NTFS permissions to match that of “C:\Program Files”, thus having the same level of security.

Basic NTFS permission of

Basic NTFS permission of “Program Files” folder in Windows 7

There are more than one ways. It can be accomplished with the following utilities:

  1. icACLs and Notepad
  2. Windows PowerShell
  3. XCopy (not recommended)
  4. Robocopy (not recommended)

Since the subject of NTFS security is one that requires intermediate knowledge of Windows, I will skip elementary details such as how to run a certain program with elevated privileges. Read the rest of this entry


A ten year old design flaw in Adobe Photoshop

Not long ago, when I was trying to open my Photoshop CS3, a vague error message that I had not seen in ten years stopped me:Could not initialize Photoshop because the file is locked. Use Properties command in Windows Explorer to unlock the file.Photoshop ended afterwards.

Like all badly-written error messages, it did not make any sense. I was not trying to open any file; I was trying to open Photoshop itself. I was sure that none of the Photoshop’s files were changed. (A look on the access date of the files confirmed this.) Moreover, I was sure that even if Photoshop was somehow automatically updated, the file system access permissions were not changed. (AccessEnum tool confirmed this.) So, what was the problem? Read the rest of this entry

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