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I received a cryptic message!

An incoming text, in a Nokia N79. Part of the message is corrupted.

An incoming text, in a Nokia N79. Part of the message is corrupted.

I have already wrote about the evils of plain text and how it is one of the worst inventions of the computing field. But as if I needed a tangible example for my readership, yesterday, I received a cryptic text (I mean SMS) on my mobile phone, which run as follows:

Tried my best; knew your life depends on it:捨⵰潬楣礯㈰ㄴ⼰㘯慰灥慬猭捯畲琭瑨牯睳ⵯ畴ⴳ㐰〰〭潮汩湥⵬楢敬⵲畬楮术⍰㌍ਊ慲獴散桮楣愮捯洯獥捵物瑹⼲〱㐯〶⽵湤敲ⵤ摯猭晥敤汹ⵢ畣歬敳ⵢ畴ⵤ敦楥猭慴瑡捫敲猭數瑯牴楯渭摥浡湤猯

It was a very tough situation: My life depended on a corrupt text. But fortunately, I had a Windows computer at hand and I could fix it. Read the rest of this entry


Detached lines in Notepad++

The default text style in Notepad++ v6.6 and its past versions (as far as I remember) adds an inconspicuous amount of white space between each line, preventing the block characters in each line to connect to the ones on the top or bottom. This problem also appears with two of the other themes, namely “Hello Kitty” and “Viberant Ink” but not in any other theme.

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I normally wouldn’t care for a slight amount of space as I am not a consumer of ASCII art and don’t use table characters in my source codes either. But as with any other curious human, I wanted to know why, just out of curiousity and not because of practical need. So, I set out to investigate. Read the rest of this entry

Copying NTFS permissions between folders

Let’s assume you have created a folder called “Programs” in your D: volume and now you want its NTFS permissions to match that of “C:\Program Files”, thus having the same level of security.

Basic NTFS permission of "Program Files" folder in Windows 7

Basic NTFS permission of “Program Files” folder in Windows 7

There are more than one ways:

  1. Via icACLs and Notepad
  2. Via Windows PowerShell
  3. Via XCopy
  4. Via Robocopy

This article only elaborates on the first two. Since the subject of NTFS security is one that requires intermediate knowledge of Windows, I will skip elementary details such as how to run a certain program with elevated privileges. Read the rest of this entry

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