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The case of File Explorer failing to start immediately on Windows 10 v1909

Recently, after updating Windows 10 to version 1909, one of my workplace computers encountered the following problems:

  • File Explorer takes a very long time (say, 15 minutes or 2 hours) to launch from the Windows taskbar or the Start menu.
  • Most items in the Quick Link menu do not work. 
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Finding wallpaper locations in Windows 7 and later

Update (2019-10-30): The scripts were moved to GitHub.

This article introduces two PowerShell scripts that help you find the wallpaper location in Windows 7 and later.

View of Garachico, Tenerife, Spain by Diego Delso
View of Garachico, Tenerife, Spain by Diego Delso

Previously, The WinHelpOnline Blog published two scripts in the VBScript language, one for retrieving the location of Wallpaper on Windows 7 (4 February 2010) and one for doing so on Windows 8.x (25 October 2013). These scripts, however, have a problem: If there is a non-English character (e.g.  Chinese characters) in the file name path, they potentially fail. Although Windows innately supports Unicode, VBScript doesn’t. Only programs based on .NET Framework are Unicode-compliant by nature. Fortunately, Windows PowerShell is built on .NET Framework and benefits from innate Unicode support. So, all I had to do was to rewrite the script in the PowerShell language.

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Shortcuts that everyone must absolutely know

Whether you are beginners who just want to survive in the post-2012 computing ecosystem that Microsoft created or a computer guru, there are shortcuts that you must absolutely know.

A backspace key on a rock, having been removed from a keyboard.

As soon as you see these shortcuts, you’ll be laughing and saying: “Ha! I knew them!” But I am not sure that would be the case when you are done reading.

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Windows 8.1 Preview: Hits and misses

Windows 8.1 Preview has both new features and flops, some of which are bugs that will be solved by the time it is released to manufacturing (RTM) and some are flops by design and will never get fixed.
Screenshot: Windows 8.1 error  on small screen
Here is the first: Windows 8.1 Preview still does not run Metro-style apps on screens whose vertical resolution is lower than 768. That means, they do not run on your 720p High Definition TV (1280×720) .

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