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Where can I find BootSect.exe and BootRec.exe?

BootSect.exe and BootRec.exe are both components of Windows Vista and later. They help make disks bootable.

Both are included with a Windows DVD or ISO but are not installed.

BootSect.exe features /nt60, /nt52 and /mbr switches. It can be found in the “boot” folder, at the root of the Windows DVD.

BootRec.exe features /FixMbr, /FixBoot and /RebuildBCD switches. However, it is harder to find. It is only exposed if a computer is booted into Windows Setup or Windows Recovery Environment. Otherwise, one has to extract it from the “boot.wim” file in the “sources” folder of Windows setup disc, or  the “winre.wim” file in a subfolder of “C:\Recovery” folder (although you might not find such a file), via DISM or 7-Zip. Once either of the two images of “boot.wim” are mounted or opened, BootRec.exe can be located under “Windows\System32” subfolder.


Decompiling CHM help files

Perhaps you are told that to edit a CHM file (Compiled HTML Help file, bearing .chm file name extension) on Windows, you will need to download HTML Help Workshop. This is only partly true. Windows can decompile a CHM file and extract its contents. To do so, run the following command:

hh.exe -decompile <extracted> <filename.chm>

This will decompress all files embedded in <filename.chm> to <extracted> folder.

This method is tested and confirmed to work on Windows 8 Enterprise Edition (32-bit, IA-32, RTM, build 9200).

If you prefer a graphical user interface, 7-Zip opens CHM files as archives, allowing access to their content. A lot of people have 7-zip.

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