Password strength: Incorrectly assessed!

As the Internet’s influence in our lives has grown, so has the importance of security. Result: Web apps try to force you into choosing stronger passwords. I have nothing against strong passwords, but most web apps don’t know what a strong password is! For example, Apple ID considers the following very strong: InCorrectlyAssessed5678$ Their assessmentContinue reading “Password strength: Incorrectly assessed!”

Obscure and mildly amusing facts from the IT world

Welcome to the first episode (and hopefully the last episode) of obscure and mildly amusing facts from the IT world. Visual C++ Redistributable The digital distribution services like Steam and GOG are infamous for installing different versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (VCRedist) with every video game. If you look at the list of installedContinue reading “Obscure and mildly amusing facts from the IT world”

[FIX] Armageddon in Firefox: Most add-ons disabled!

On 4 May 2019, 6:00 AM PST, one of the Firefox digital certificates used to sign add-ons expired. With this certificate no longer able to verify the authenticity of the add-ons, user across the faced the loss of access to their Firefox add-ons. This post teaches you how to recover from this failure in about 15 minutes and resume your daily routine work as if this has never happened.

I received a cryptic message!

I have already wrote about the evils of plain text and how it is one of the worst inventions of the computing field. But as if I needed a tangible example for my readership, yesterday, I received a cryptic text (I mean SMS) on my mobile phone, which run as follows: Tried my best; knewContinue reading “I received a cryptic message!”

TrueCrypt: Its last bow

June 2016 update: Link repairs. TrueCrypt is a discontinued free disk encryption utility for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a free and shared-source alternative to BitLocker, but is not restricted to the high-end editions of Windows and does not need Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TrueCrypt’s sudden end of life on 28 May 2014 becomeContinue reading “TrueCrypt: Its last bow”

Worst inventions in computing

The sheer number of inventions in the field of computing easily surpasses the grand total of the human inventions outside this field. It is no surprise that some of them backfire and some of them quickly age. Today, I’d like to introduce you to some of them that are still alive and desperately need toContinue reading “Worst inventions in computing”

Shortcuts that everyone must absolutely know

Whether you are beginners who just want to survive in the post-2012 computing ecosystem that Microsoft created or a computer guru, there are shortcuts that you must absolutely know. As soon as you see these shortcuts, you’ll be laughing and saying: “Ha! I knew them!” But I am not sure that would be the caseContinue reading “Shortcuts that everyone must absolutely know”

Internet Explorer 11’s unexplained delay

Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is finally available. I immediately downloaded the package and inspected it: Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 (x64) is digitally-signed on 15 October 2013, meaning that the package could have not possibly changed ever since. What was the IE teamContinue reading “Internet Explorer 11’s unexplained delay”