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CNET’s security blunder

CNET certainly gets a kick out of criticizing security issues of Microsoft products, but how good is its own most basic security measures?

For security purposes, we require all email address updates to be confirmed by the email address owner. A confirmation e-mail with the subject "Confirm your updated email address" will be sent to the updated email address provided. Click the confirmation link within the e-mail to confirm this change of address.  Continue.

CNET reports that changing email address requires verification for security purposes. But is it?

Let’s if it indeed is…

Finding wallpaper locations in Windows 7 and later

Update (2019-10-30): The scripts were moved to GitHub.

This article introduces two PowerShell scripts that help you find the wallpaper location in Windows 7 and later.

View of Garachico, Tenerife, Spain by Diego Delso
View of Garachico, Tenerife, Spain by Diego Delso

Previously, The WinHelpOnline Blog published two scripts in the VBScript language, one for retrieving the location of Wallpaper on Windows 7 (4 February 2010) and one for doing so on Windows 8.x (25 October 2013). These scripts, however, have a problem: If there is a non-English character (e.g.  Chinese characters) in the file name path, they potentially fail. Although Windows innately supports Unicode, VBScript doesn’t. Only programs based on .NET Framework are Unicode-compliant by nature. Fortunately, Windows PowerShell is built on .NET Framework and benefits from innate Unicode support. So, all I had to do was to rewrite the script in the PowerShell language.

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