Internet Explorer comes last in standard compliance

According to HTML5Test, Internet Explorer offers the worst web standard compliance among the top famous web browsers. Meanwhile, the best standard compliance is not offered by the famous five, but by Maxthon Cloud Browser v4.0.

Screenshot of showing its desktop browser comparison page

HTML5Test uses a scoring system to quantify the support status of HTML5 and WebGL. Browsers cannot get negative points but can get bonus points for supporting select standards, such as video and audio formats, SVG and MathML. In the field of desktop web browsers, HTML5Test keeps an archive of test scores by different version of the famous five (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) as well as different versions of Maxthon. HTML5Test can run live tests, meaning that if you have a web browser that is not tested, you can navigate to HTML5Test and have it scored.

Comparison of desktop web browsers published by shows Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.0 with 476 points and 15 bonus points has obtained the first place, followed by Chrome 28 (463 + 13), Opera 15 (423 + 9), Firefox 23 (414 + 14), and Safari 6.0 (378 + 8). Internet Explorer 10 with 320 point and 6 bonus points has come last.

I do not know whether it is appropriate to comment on unreleased (beta and alpha) versions of web browsers. Internet Explorer 11 shows a whopping +35 points raise in score but Internet Explorer’s increments in score has always been huge. The scores for IE7, 8, 9 and 10 have respectively been 27, 42, 138 and 320. For a web browser whose new versions are far and few between, it is natural. What is not natural is such poor scores for a product of the legendary Microsoft.


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