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OneNote 2013 jumplist missing

OneNote 2013 should have a jumplist/task list like this when you right-click on its pinned icon in Windows 7 or later:

OneNote 2013 jumplist

OneNote 2013 jumplist

If it did not appear, make sure you have the correct (official) OneNote icon pinned. After that, open Run… dialog box (press Windows + R key combination), type the following and press Enter key:

onenote /initjumplist

It works in Command Prompt too, only you have to prefix “start ” (without quotation marks and with the trailing space character) to it.

Windows 8.1 latent apps

Microsoft reports it has released Windows 8.1 to manufacturing (RTM), but is not supplying Windows 8.1 to anyone but original equipment manufacturers (OEM) before the general availability date. At this stage, Microsoft should be cooperating with manufacturers to issue specialized patches for device-specific problems. I hope it is so, because I have spotted a latent app bug in preview version of Windows 8.1.

Preparing to uninstall

Preparing to uninstall

Today, I am going to use my right of uninstalling Metro-style apps in Windows 8.1 Pro and uninstall them all. I have selected all installed apps and I am poised to press the Uninstall button. What do you think is going to happen?

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Internet Explorer comes last in standard compliance

According to HTML5Test, Internet Explorer offers the worst web standard compliance among the top famous web browsers. Meanwhile, the best standard compliance is not offered by the famous five, but by Maxthon Cloud Browser v4.0.

Screenshot of showing its desktop browser comparison page

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Where have all the good advertisers gone?

Two words to add: Steve Ballmer!
I am a Windows user and am pretty much out of the picture of what FSF does; but I can testify in favor of this assessment of Microsoft.


I had been using Calibre on Windows for a long time but the thought of introducing it in my blog never crossed my mind. Shame!

Calibre is indeed an excellent eBook reader and library manager with an unbeatable price point: Free of charge. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Calibre features distraction-free eBook reading, eBook library management, support for a vast range of contemporary formats (albeit sometime by hook or by crook), format conversion, metadata management and eBook sharing and streaming over a network.

I haven’t seen any computer program that can come close to match.


Screenshot-calibre - || Calibre Library ||

Its always cool when you come across a new program that will do something you want to do.

I don’t recall exactly how I came across this program but it may very well have been one of the podcasts that I frequently listen to.

So I decided to install this program called Calibre onto my laptop by using the Ubuntu Software Center.

That took only a few minutes to complete.  Then today, I decided to update it up to version 0.9.41

This was done by using the Terminal, I got the instructions thanks to

The instructions were very easy to follow and once again were completed very quickly.

One of the things that I like about this program is that it is cross-platform so it is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and can even be installed on a USB drive so you can have it in portable…

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Microsoft antivirus apps: Three basic facts everyone must know!

Today, I’d like to introduce three important facts about Microsoft antivirus products that everyone should absolutely know. Of course, that means you should first know that Microsoft creates antivirus products.

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