Inside Windows 8.1: Compatibility

This is the fifth article in my series of articles on Windows 8.1 Preview, but this one is short.

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a DaRT recovery disc (DaRT stands for Data Recovery Toolset) so I grabbed the nearest copy of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Toolkit (MDOP). What came into my hand was MDOP 2012. But as I ran the setup program, I was stopped cold: An error message said that the copy of DaRT  needed Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. But I was running it on Windows 8, wasn’t I?

Installer information: Microsoft DaRT 8.0 requires that your computer is running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. Windows 8.1 Pro Preview. Evaluation copy. Build 9431

MDOP 2012 which requires Windows 8 does not run on Windows 8.1 Preview

Yes, and no. I was running it on Windows 8.1 Preview, to be accurate. Let me remind you guys: Windows Vista’s version number (regardless of whatever service pack you install on it) is 6.0. Windows 7’s version number is 6.1. Windows 8’s version number is 6.2. Windows 8.1, however, would change the version number to 6.3, effectively telling every single app that you are running a version of Windows significantly different from Window 8.0.

Net result: With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has brought you the Start button that you wanted… along with a potential application compatibility nightmare. I’ll go find myself either a Windows 8 PC or a copy of MDOP 2013, whichever is the nearest.


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