Nero Burning ROM: Prevent last used label from being re-used

Screenshot: Example of disc labelNero Burning ROM is a famous optical disc authoring tool. (In laymen’s language: disc-burning app!) By default it remembers the last used disc label and if you forget to change the label, all your subsequent discs will inherit it. So, unless you have habit of changing it, you will want to stop Nero from remembering it, potentially saving yourself from embarrassing scenarios. (On a disc containing some reports sent to a business associate, the label “New” is far less embarrassing than “Swimming Class 1994”.)Screenshot: Nero Burning ROM OptionsTo disable this feature:

  1. Open Nero Burning ROM.
  2. If New Compilation dialog box appeared, press Cancel button.
  3. Open File menu and select Option…
  4. Make sure the active tab is Compilation tab
  5. Uncheck Remember  name of last used disc (and at the same time, take note of the grammatical error in it!)

On a multi-user computer, this option must configured for each user. Have each user log into his or her user account and change this setting.


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