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Fun fact about xcopy

Command Prompt iconDid you know that xcopy program included with Windows 7 has 28 command-line switches which includes “/A” through “/Z”? Surprisingly however, the xcopy page on Microsoft TechNet site does not include them all.

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Windows 8 Release Preview: Hits

Windows 8 Release Preview: Start Screen

Windows 8 Release Preview: Start Screen

Finally, after a couple of bumps and bruises, I downloaded and tested Windows 8 Release Preview (32-bit). It seems Microsoft has put up a really good work in it, although there a lot of hits and misses.

Today, I’d like to introduce what I liked most about Windows 8. I will probably post about the dark side of Windows 8 too, but that should remain for another day.
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vmx86.sys: Could not initialize monitor

Yesterday, I removed the GeForce 8400 GS video card of a computer with an Intel Core i5 2400 CPU because this computer had an integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 chipset that is more powerful than a GeForce 8400 GS. (A GeForce 8400 GS works at a core speed of 567 MHz while an Intel HD Graphics 2000 clocks at 650 – 1250 MHz.) I thought removing the card would be safe because it has been a while since the monitor was plugged into the Intel graphic subsystem and the Geforce card was offline. I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Renaming in PowerShell: Underscore to Space

Special thanks goes to Jeffery Hicks for the original post in his blog, The Lonely Administrator. The following explains how to use Windows PowerShell to rename a group of files, so that all underscore characters (“_”) become space characters. Read the rest of this entry

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