PNGGauntlet: Pictures shall be compressed!

Screenshot: PNGGauntlet compressing multiple filesPNGGauntlet's computer icon

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a popular image format. It features lossless compression, meaning that images stored in this format take less space than an uncompressed image without losing quality. (On a side note however, I doubt you have seen an uncompressed image recently. Most popular image formats today compress images. It is a fact however, that not all PNG supporting software can create PNG files of optimum size.

PNGGauntlet, by Benjamin Hollis, is a Windows freeware app that can compose PNG files with more effective compression algorithms to achieve smaller sizes. The optimization process is time consuming but the resulting PNG files are usually smaller. I have sometimes achieved 50% smaller files. The app itself uses three other third-party components that work in the background but do not have a user interface of their own, namely DeflPNG, OptiPNG and PNGOUT. PNGGauntlet compares the compression result of the three and keeps the most compressed version.

Optimized PNG files may lose their original time stamp or their metadata, but the app features options to prevent such loses. These options are not enabled by default.

Smaller PNG files are easier and more cost-effective to transfer over the Internet, especially when one of the consumers is a mobile device connected over a metered Internet connection and has to pay for its Internet traffic.


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  1. I’ve been using PNGGauntlet for forever … fantastic tool. I even donated at one point. And the new version is multithreaded! It didn’t used to be, and I even asked the author about it awhile ago, and he said he didn’t want to step on the toes of Ken Silverman’s PNGOUT, which is already multithreaded and is only $15. But now that seems to have changed. *shrug*

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