The ever-changing world…

Icon: IcoFX Icon: Window Clippings Icon: WinSnap Icon: .NET Reflector Icon: Icon: MediaCoder

Computer icons of software – from left to right: IcoFX, Window Clippings, WinSnap, .NET Reflector, and MediaCoder

IcoFX, Window Clippings, WinSnap and .NET Reflector are commercial computer programs that has once been freeware. I still keep their old freeware versions and I plan to keep them perpetually. has also once been free and open-source but is now just freeware. Oh, and let us not forget MediaCoder which was once free and open-source but is now an advertisements-supported trialware – virtually, free to look but not free to touch.

A side note: Adobe has started charging licensing fees for using “premium” features of Adobe Flash platform in their software.

No, I am not complaining; just reporting the history.

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  1. Fitoschido

    IcoFX is not free anymore?! That sucks.


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