Adware: Win32/Babylon

Babylon 6Today, while I was attending to a laptop computer with Windows XP Home edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft’s latest free-of-charge antivirus software, alerted me that it found a moderate threat. To my extreme surprise, the threat in question, designated “Adware: Win32/Babylon”, was none other than Babylon version 7, a commercial dictionary and translation software.

Having visited Microsoft malware encyclopedia entry on Adware: Win32/Babylon, it seems that there is no mistake: Microsoft is now considering Babylon a malware. This designation has come into effect on 7 August 2010.

I was part amused and part … well.. not amused. Granted: I hate Babylon, so much so that times and again I thought it must be classified as a malware. And now, here is my wish granted: One of the finest antivirus programs have officially designated it as a malware. Unfortunately, I had to tell Microsoft Security Essentials to disregard this threat/product until I come up with an alternative translation and dictionary solution.

I need to do some investigations of my own, since I myself have a hand in linguistics and I definitely need something like Babylon.

UPDATE: On 23 August 2010, Microsoft updated the malware definition so that it does not catch the latest version of Babylon. Apparently, new versions of Babylon no longer exhibit malware-class behavior. Good for Babylon Ltd.


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