Computer hibernation: In medias res

As a man who has chiefly dealt with desktops, I have had relatively very little experience in regard to laptops. Another thing that  I have had relatively very little experience of is foreign languages such as French, Greek or Latin. For example, I often have to refer to a dictionary or at least think aContinue reading “Computer hibernation: In medias res”

Adware: Win32/Babylon

Today, while I was attending to a laptop computer with Windows XP Home edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft’s latest free-of-charge antivirus software, alerted me that it found a moderate threat. To my extreme surprise, the threat in question, designated “Adware: Win32/Babylon”, was none other than Babylon version 7, a commercial dictionary and translation software. HavingContinue reading “Adware: Win32/Babylon”