It is good that NumLock is switched off in the logon screen!

I felt I need to announce my opinion regarding this to the entire world! Like many others, perhaps you have noticed that during logon to Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, NumLock key on your keyboard is inactive by default.  I for one, consider it a good security measure. NumLock being off remindsContinue reading “It is good that NumLock is switched off in the logon screen!”

Acquisitions in the Computers and IT World

I’ve just received Nokia Security News newsletter: Nokia has acquired Check Point. That came as a big surprise. I didn’t expect it so suddenly. Perhaps you don’t know Nokia, but you may know Check Point. Nokia is Finnish communication corporation and a well-known cell phone manufacturer. The first cell phone I saw in my life was a Nokia 6110. MyContinue reading “Acquisitions in the Computers and IT World”