An Internet Explorer Add-on named {b205a35e-1fc4-4ce3-818b-899dbbb3388c}

Students 2006 BoxA few days ago, when I was looking at Internet Explorer Add-On Manager (a part of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 which allows you to enable or disable add-ons), I stumbled upon a Browser Extension bearing the cryptic name of "{b205a35e-1fc4-4ce3-818b-899dbbb3388c}". I already knew that it was not dangerous because I had stumbled upon it many times before, had investigated about it each time and then later had forgotten what it was.

Anyway, yet another search in the Windows Registry reminded me that this browser extension is allegedly Encarta Search Bar, a component of Microsoft Student 2006 or Microsoft Encarta. I don’t know what does this add-on do when load by Internet Explorer 7, but I believe it does nothing. In fact, judging by what I have read on Internet Explorer Portal on MSDN and what I saw in the Registry, I think this add-on (at least the copy that resides on my computer) is not fully functional.

I believe it would be better to disable this add-on. After all, what’s the point on loading an add-on which does nothing? Besides, disabling features that are not required reduces your attack surface and improves security.


Posted on 28 November 2008, in Windows Administration. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. It is 01/08/10, OH MY (a la Dick Enberg, Foot ball sportcaster) this is a long time coming, but I agree, (and thanks for finding out just what THE HECK that thing is/was! I been rackin\’ my brain. Hope you are to better things since then, whomever U are. (If student – hope you graduated, or on your way). PLEEEASE, do not be like so many of us older folks who did not, stick with it! God speed!

  2. 01-08-10 Follow up – (typo, that should have read "Sportscaster" sorry. thanks. Joe (aka Jose\’) a Pen-name

  3. On my computer, encarta is the 2006 encylopedia searchbar located on lower toolbar.

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