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  1. Very interesting. You would think that Photoshop would have built that feature in a long time ago. At least there is a work around now.

  2. John — This is great — Thanks! I was tooling around in Video Frames to Layers figuring that would work, but of course as you said, the gifs did not show up. Never occurred to me to search via *.gif. Worked like a charm.I have CS3 extended. It has Bridge, but I can\’t find Fireworks in it. Is that a stand alone program?~ Pat Kashtock

  3. @Pat Kashtock: Well, it depend on how you buy your copy and in which region you live. If me memory is correct, I believe the physical Photoshop CS3 package had Photoshop, Firewoks, QuickTime, Adobe Reader and some training video but was more expensive than the online version. In constrast, when purchasing online, you had to download Photoshop and Fireworks separetely, although only these two required payment…Of course I may be wrong. Why don\’t you visit and find out?

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