SharePoint Designer vs. Expression Web … Finally

Actually, it’s nothing new and web designers know it already… But I managed to experience it, at last.

Long ago, Microsoft had been producing a program called Microsoft Office FrontPage, an award-winning program for designing and deploying web sites. Now, it is still being produced under a new names: Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is the rightful descendant of Microsoft FrontPage 2003. In every respect, it is like another prodigious child of the FrontPage dynasty (FrontPage was famed for having significant and cool improvements in every new version), except the name. In addition, Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions (which unlike FrontPage itself I didn’t like) are now a part of Microsoft SharePoint Services. So, everything FrontPage is now something SharePoint.

However, SharePoint Designer also has a twin sister: Microsoft Expression Web. Basically, she is exactly like her brother except she lacks the capability to interface with Microsoft SharePoint Services, so it’s a few megabytes smaller. Microsoft Expression Web is a part of Microsoft Expression family.

Now, these information would not be new to you if you are a professional web designer. SharePoint Designer blog has a good article explaining the matter in more details. Well, but I am not a web designer so, until recently, I didn’t know these. If you, however, like me, didn’t know these until now, I’m glad I could share some knowledge.

By the way, Microsoft produces another line of web development tool. It is called Visual Web Developer, which is a part Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. After all, developers will inevitably run into HTML and XML. However, Microsoft Visual Studio line of products has Express editions everyone can download and use free of charge. So if you ever need a good web editor, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express is for you!


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